As much as I'm really wanting to post in this thing at least once a week, its turning more into a once a month kind of thing. I'm doing so much writing for school most of the time that I don't think I have any writing and or ideas left in my head at the end of the day or week. Also nothing really excited happens. Homework is pretty much my life. Which is a good thing really because than I can focus mainly on school. So I talked to Morgan last week and she might come down and visit. It would be nice to be able to hang out with someone and feel like I actually still have a friend. So we'll see if that actually happens. I've been doing a lot of walking lately. The car is a little broken at the moment, long story on that shit. Its finally in the shop getting fixed. Actually its been kinda nice not driving all the time, but walking when its really hot here kinda sucks at times too. So its a win lose situation sometimes. Maybe win win lose cuz it helps me get some exercise and I do need that. Basically I'm just trying to enjoy summertime as much as I can even though I really don't care to be in this city. I also know its my only option right now and I'm extremely grateful for it. So back to more about school. I'm really trying, and I'm actually not doing to bad. I got a B- in my last class which was an 82 which I guess isn't even really that bad. As Vickie told me, we cant do well in everything. It was Ethics, and some of it was a bit confusing. So I'm just continuing to move forward and doing the best I can. Anyway I think thats all for now. Hopefully it wont be another month before I post again but I'm not making any promises lol.